Coming Together to Take Things Apart

All hands on deck!

All hands on deck!

 Team Duct Tape 3.0 met Saturday to get down to business on the new season build. First on the agenda – taking Cubie apart.  Itdirty-job was a little bittersweet, and a lot dirty. 

 We put our Super Cube through a lot over the last year, running dozens of matches and and even more demos. Between eroded nonslip padding from the shooter and belt collector, and some serious wear and tear on gears and motors, as well as the general dust of ages (well, at least of 2009!), some members looked more like they’d been changing the oil on a car than working on a robot.

But the job was done efficiently, parts cleaned and salvaged and everything organized and ready for this coming Saturday’s build start.  After the physical deconstruction session, team members gathered for another look at the game video, to evaluate this year’s robot requirements  and to do some brainstorming – it was deconstruction of another kind.

Like last year, the robot needs to collect and deliver game elements, but with only five batons permitted in possession at any

All gone!

All gone!

 time, storage isn’t as critical an issue.  We considered some examples of robots, similar to the ones shown in the kick-off video, and looked at practical considerations for an obstacle running robot with deliverables.  

Comfy brainstorming session

Comfy brainstorming session

At our next meeting, we hope to have some basic field elements to work with and to start running some trials. 


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