Build Time!

assembly-timeAfter taking everything apart at last week’s meeting, it was time to start putting things together at this week’s,getting-some-mentoring from team roles to the practice field.  Team members considered where they’d most like to put their skills and energy, selecting from among roles like project manager and quality control, to video lead and public relations. There was something for everyone, and plenty of work to go around so everyone could be part of everything.

A build team got started on a basic bot, and well into their initial build, decided some more brainstorming was


 in order. Sometimes you just have to build something to figure out you need to plan what you want to build better! But there was great energy,  thoughtful discussion and plenty of fun. 

We made good progress on our practice field, and now have a rolling goal, a healthy collection of batons, field-comes-togetherand a “mountain”.  And this year, no one leaves meetings without an

A little cutting up during construction

A little cutting up during construction

 Engineering Notebook assignment, so we’re on track there, too.

All in all, it was a great meeting and we think TDT is well on our way to a fun and rewarding season!

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