Mitchell High School Teachers Visit with TDT Students

visit-from-mitchell-hsWe enjoyed a visit from two great J.W. Mitchell High School teachers, Katie Ziesmer and Gayatri Mitchell, who are interested in starting a FIRST Tech Challenge program at the school.  TDT members agreed that Ms. Ziesmer and Ms. Mitchell’s students are really lucky to have such energetic and enthusiastic teachers!  They were both very interested in learning about FIRST and following along the team meeting.  They even sat through a Robot C tour with one of our programmers – something only  those of brave heart and enduring spirit, with a real love of learning, and a willingness to support students at all costs, will usually do!

We’ve encouraged  Ms. Ziesmer and Ms. Mitchell to bring students to our Dec. 4 competition at Middleton High School, where they can see FTC in action, and meet other students, teachers and mentors involved in the program.  We’re also going to go visit their students sometime in the next few weeks, to talk about FIRST and give students a firsthand look at an FTC robot (that’s hopefully running!)

It was fun having the Mitchell High School teachers visit and we’re sure they’re going to build a stellar FIRST program in Pasco! Beyond learning about programming, they got to see the robot in various stages of construction and our team members in variousnatalie-sawing stages of eating snacks.  It was a great meeting, and we’re looking forward to our first competition in a few short weeks, where we’ll hopefully get to see our new friends!

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