Happy Thanksgiving from Team Duct Tape!

almost-ready The robot parts have been cleared from the table to make room for the turkey.  The robot runs – however imperfectly- and we think it’s a thing of beauty! Our Team Video has been submitted, along with some sample Engineering Notebook pages, in preparation for our December 4th competition at Middleton High School.  And we’ve got one more meeting this coming Saturday, to perform final tweaks and test drives, and to get ourselves geared up for a great game – with some great special guests!

FTC Team Duct Tape and FLL Team TechnoForce collaborated to bring the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Team to Middleton Madness, where the team will be demonstrating their robots for participating teams and guests.   The Get Over It! game, with its obstacle laden field similar to that encountered by search and rescue robots, and plastic batons scoring objects that have to be retrieved from dispensers in much the same way that bomb disposal robots operate, provides a great backdrop to see some   real life applications of the skills and machines students are using in the game.

But the game is more than a week away, and tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  And we’ll be giving thanks for many things – a great team of friends and supportive family, mentors and sponsors,  and a caring FIRST community!

Happy Thanksgiving from FIRST Tech Challenge Team Duct Tape!

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