TDT’s 2011 New Year’s Resolutions

As we head into the new year, Team Duct Tape would like to share  some of our more enduring and entertaining “lessons learned” from 2010.
celebrateWin or Lose – Celebrate!
programmerHave more than one programmer.
mistakesLearn from your mistakes.
multitaskMultitask wisely.
loctiteUse Loctite extensively but apply sparingly!(And use Blue rather than Red if you want ever want to get it apart!)
eat Eat Together!
energizedMake sure team members are energized.
shareShare what you know.
learn Learn from others.
downtimeEnjoy some down time.
friendsMake new friends.
smile Make others smile!
play Play together!
fun Have fun!
Team Duct Tape wishes you and yours a very happy New Year, and hopes you “Get Over It!” successfully, have fun, and learn something in the process!

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