Back to Work!

work tableTDT got back to work this weekend, in our usual eclectic mix of work and play. A couple of our alumni members visited, between semesters, and gave us the benefit of some of their seasoned insights.alumni help

After a brief distraction when one of our oldest (season one!) 12-volt batteries started smoking, team members made progress on improved autonomous programming and got in some driving practice. This coming Saturday, we hope to get some more runs in.

Scoring batons continues to be the most challenging part of Get Over It! It requires a certain finesse, and considerable driving skill to negotiate a field crowded with robots, batons, and field elements in just a little over a minute – the actual teleop baton scoring time before robots start angling for the bridges as the end game time approaches. full garage

Two more practices to go before we try out lessons learned at the Seminole High School Techtacular FTC Qualifier on January 22, in preparation for the FTC Florida State Championship on February 12 – a date that seems to be looming pretty fast!  But we’ve got a good stock of chips and soda so we think we’re good to go!

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