Getting Down to the Nuts and Bolts

 Our robot got a day at the spa today, when we stopped by Tampa Technik to visit with friend and mentor, Paul Markun.  Of course, no visit to Tampa Technik is ever complete without a lesson in some aspect of exemplary engineering practices.  Last time it was metrology – the science of measurement. This time, it was fastners – nut and bolt checks – and tool technique.

Between Mr. Markun and an associate with expertise in race cars who brought his son to see our robot, TDT members got a great education on the importance of routine nut and bolt checks, the right way to tighten fastners, the proper use of Loctite (better than Blue is the wicking Green stuff!), and after an hour of checking, replacing and tightening nuts and bolts, our robot ran quietly and smoothly and members resolved to be more diligent in securing fasteners and monitoring them regularly.

After that, we headed over to Seminole High School, not far from Mr. Markun’s and got through early software and hardware inspections, and managed to get in just enough practice time to realize we need more practice time. But our robot’s hale and hearty now, and certainly solidly fastened, so we’re hopeful we’ll have some good runs tomorrow!

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