FIRST Fun with Minotaur and Aionios Tyfonas

Learning Together - Minotaur and TDT programmers compare notes

 TDT programmers enjoyed the hospitality of Middleton High School teams, Minotaur and Aionios Tyfonas (Eye-oh-Knee-Us  Tie Fo Nus, they tell us!), who kindly shared their practice room so that we could better fine tune autonomous programs.  In the

A little help from Coach Wolf

 final analysis,  their autonomous programs are still much better than ours, but the Middleton teams are great fun to spend time with and their coach and mentors were very kind and helpful to TDT students.  They even stayed after their own practice time ended to encourage and cheer our programmers efforts to succeed on a particularly difficult program. (We didn’t succeed, but can honestly say we had fun trying with such a supportive crowd!)

Minotaur and Aionious Tyfonas are definitely Gracious Professionals, teams we know are fierce competitors on the field, and great friends in the pit.

Thank you very much, Minotaur and Ainios Tyfonas, for your warm hospitality, support and help.    You’re two great teams we look forward to competing and allying with at the Florida FTC State Championship this Saturday!  And also to eating pizza  and going on tours of Embry Riddle with!

Here’s to the true spirit of FIRST, which we fully enjoyed and appreciated while working in the friendly company of those with whom we not only compete, but also share the common goal of helping create young, achievement oriented professionals of high integrity.  In short – just the kind of able-minded, technically and scientifically skilled,  respectful, and compassionate people we need for a better future. for all of us!

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