We’re Here!

The El Caribe in Daytona Beach welcomed us and companion teams with a nice sign and a little practice area, not to mention a spectacular view from our nice rooms. The El Caribe was kind enough to extend special price offers to FTC teams attending the State Championship. Thanks, El Caribe! 

We got off to a great start, getting through inspections early, then being treated to pizza and a phenomenal tour of Embry Riddle.

The venue is terrific and Embry Riddle is a warm and welcoming host, and we had a blast this evening!  We learned a lot about their mechanical and robotics engineering programs and got up close and person with some really impressive autonomous machines. Anyone who thought Embry Riddle was “just” aeronautics got a fresh perspective on all the amazing things students do and learn here.

So we’re all set for the morning, with our pit area decked out with some cool Duck Tape art and give-aways.  Some of our TDT Booster Club moms even made duct tape sashes. Definitely one for the Shurtech Brands Ductivity site! 

Tomorrow – Game time! Can’t wait!

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