Connect & Finalist Alliance Awards, & Autonomous History!

Double Balance in Autonomous!

 We’ll start with the funny part – in our third Finalist Alliance match, our robot went head to head (literally!) with team 3123 robot’s in a bid to balance on the blue bridge. Our robots met on the blue end, since our robot overshoots the middle a bit and then backs up and starts using an accelerometer to balance, and then our robot backed up – and backed up and backed up to red end of the bridge until the sensor confirmed we were balanced, and then it stopped – effectively balancing both robots in autonomous!  It was really funny, although it also helped earn 15 points for our opposition.  (Can you get GP points for that?)

We took it all the way to the end, but couldn’t hold on to a win when our Alliance Captain, Massive D, had a power failure and we had to run the final match alone ,earning a respectable 48 points all by ourselves against the opposing alliance, but they took it with 59 points.  All in all, it was an incredible day!

We’re bringing home the Connect Award, and a Finalist Alliance Award shared by Massive D and Greased Lightening. And we made a little history along the way.  This morning, breakfast at IHOP and then a little fun on the beach!

More pictures and stories later. Congratulations to the Finalist Alliance Winners!

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