RenFest Fun and Learning

Hundreds of school children poured into the Bay Area Renaissance Festival today, enjoying everything from jugglers and musicians to jousting.  Many were surprised to find robots there, too, but had a great time exploring a variety of simple machines and mechanisms at our table.  One of our alumni students, home of Spring Break from the University of Florida, joined in the fun, sharing his mechanical LEGO adding  machine with students, and a pneumatic LEGO backhoe. We also had some little robotics and some clockwork mechanisms, all of which got a good work out on our table.

We handed out a lot of FIRST literature to educators and parents, too.  It’s surprising how many people still haven’t heard about FIRST robotics, but we’ll keep doing our part to keep spreading the word!

Especially when we have the opportunity to do it at cool places like the RenFest!

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