Robot Film Festival!

OMG! A ROBOT Film Festival!  And coincidentally kicked off the same week as registration opens for the new FTC season! It’s a sign.  And it’ll give us all something to do while we’re waiting for the new game kick-off in September. At least for a little while – the film submissions deadline is June 5.

Here’s the gist of it, from the Robot Film Festival website:  The Robot Film Festival was founded by roboticist Heather Knight of Marilyn Monrobot to inject a sense of playfulness into traditional science and engineering and explore new frontiers for robotics before the technology is even possible. Don’t forget your party shoes! (or wheels!) Deadline for submissions: June 5, 2011 .”

Films should be 1-8 minutes long, and must feature a robot as one of the main characters as or framing devices of the narrative.  The Robot Film Festival will be held July 16-17 at the Three Legged Dog Art & Technology Center in New York, where there will be juried screenings, live performances, and a red carpet award ceremony.

Check out some of the teasers, and then get those cameras rolling!

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