Make Volume 27 Robot Contest

Need more to do between seasons? Here’s yet another robot contest: The Make Magazine Volume 27 Robot Contest – From the Make website:


Does your bot have tons of character? Does it make you laugh uncontrollably or pat it on the back for being so clever? Then certainly your bot deserves the chance to appear on the pages of MAKE Volume 27, the upcoming Robot issue. We’re running a fun contest in search of the most entertaining robot you’ve made.

The rules are simple:

1. Come up with an entertaining, original robot with tons of character.
2. Document your build step-by-step with clear instructions, photos, and a video of the robot in action, then share it on Make: Projects.
3. Send an email to with a link to your Make: Projects entry when you’re done. Easy!


So take all those Tetrix parts and do something entertaining with them! And then make a movie for the Robot Film Festival!  It’s the Summer of Robots!  Visit the Make Robot Contest page for more information:

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