TDT @ Play!

It’s been a long hot summer (actually, it’s still hot – we’re in Florida!), but school starts back for most of our members next week, and with the FTC Season Kick-Off just three weeks away (actually: 19 days, 22 hours and change, as of this writing, according to the countdown clock at ), it was clearly time for our end of summer cook out and pre-season party!

As with all things TDT, we don’t just work hard and compete vigorously, we eat well and play together, too. (although it’s all play, isn’t it? “The Hardest Fun You’ll Ever Have!“) Two of our new members joined us for our cook out – Audi and Johnny (our third new member, Cody, went on the Tampa Bay Innovation Center Tour with us.)  You’ll get to meet all of them – and two TDT middle school apprentices! – soon.

But Saturday was just a day for fun and games and good eats, and we had plenty of all three.   There was a little Wii golf, a wild and wooly assortment of pool games and a seemingly endless supply of food, thanks to TDT families, among which are some pretty spectacular cooks!

Next Saturday is our first official meeting, to go over season schedules and expectations, then we’ve got one more break over Labor Day weekend, and then… Let the games begin!

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