TDT Off on Right Foot!

Team Duct Tape held our first  meeting of the season, officially welcoming our three new team members: Johnny, Adi and Cody, and welcoming, as well, one of our two new apprentice members, Ryder – aka “Mr. Duct Tape” , as he’s known in his Scout troop . True to form, Ryder attended his first meeting well shod in a pair of home made, and well worn, duct tape shoes – complete with rubber soles!  Now THAT’s what we’re talking about! And just the type of fun-loving, creative, and innovative student we love having in Team Duct Tape!

Beyond admiring Ryder’s fashion statement, Coach Mike got team members’ gray matter operational again, after the long summer, with some team building games; parents enjoyed catching up with each other and meeting new families; we went over our new season schedule and we also had a great time with some guests who came by to learn more about FIRST Tech Challenge and what’s involved in managing a team.

They had such a good time, and were so impressed with existing team resources, that we’ve decided together to try to build a second Team Duct Tape in the New Tampa/Brandon area!  We’ll be posting more about that soon, but for the time being, if you or students you know are interested in being part of Team Duct Tape the Second, drop Angela Arden a line at, and let her know.   It will be a small team to start – five or six students at the most – and all the usual TDT guidelines and requirements that are in our TDT Handbook (PDF) will apply. TDT II members will participate in all our outreach efforts, field trips, mentoring opportunities and more, but will compete as an individual team.

Enjoying last season's team video

One of the most enjoyable parts of the afternoon – and probably the clincher for our TDT II hosts – was watching our end-of-season (2010-11)video, which we always make and give to each team member.  It was amazing to see all the remarkable things we did last season, and to be reminded of how much we learn and do together, and how very much fun we always have as members, friends and family of Team Duct Tape.

We can’t wait to start the new season in another week, and do it all over again – hopefully x2!!

TDT Ready to Rock!

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