Out and About!

TDT members visited the November meeting of the ASME-FWCS . Not only did we get to share a bit about what we do in FTC, but we got to enjoy some time with FRC team Thundercats , and enjoyed the opportunity to drive their great robot “Shiny” around!

A couple of days later, on November 16, TDT programmer, Natalie, represented Team Duct Tape, joining FTC Team Brick Buddies at Pineview Middle School in Land O’Lakes as part of the Great American Teach in.  She shared a presentation about TDT and then showcased Sparky, our little LEGO test bot that we use for trying out programs.

In both cases, good things came of the outreach efforts – an ASME member stepped forward to volunteer as a judge at an upcoming event, and teachers at Pineview were inspired to want to learn how to bring a FIRST program to their school.

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