TDT Benefit Dinner at the Breakfast Nook Fun & Successful!

Ready to Roll for Dinner Service

TDT members worked hard at their Benefit Dinner at the Breakfast Nook Friday night, raising nearly $700 towards their State Championship trip!  The Breakfast Nook filled up fast, with Team Duct Tape friends, family, fans and supporters.  As always, we’re moved and grateful by the community support we receive, and the Benefit Dinner is such a fun way to give back to those sharing so generously with us.

The first time we did a Benefit Dinner, TDT members had some help from Breakfast Nook staff.  This year, team members provided much of the food and service  on their own, from set up to food prep to table service and clean up.  The robot provided entertainment!

 We especially enjoyed seeing past TDT families and team members, who came out to support the team.

We’re very grateful to the Breakfast Nook for their their generosity in opening their great restaurant up for the evening in support of the team fundraiser, and we’re proud to call the Breakfast Nook the Official Restaurant of Team Duct Tape!


Thanks so much to everyone who came out to spend the evening with us.  We truly appreciate your friendship, generosity and support, which are as valuable to us as our tools and parts!  Thanks for being part of our bigger Team Duct Tape Team!

TDT members: Not just good in competition, but also in the kitchen!


Ever ready with FIRST info!


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