Ready for the Florida FTC State Championship!

Stop and smell the duct tape roses!

TDT members had a busy Saturday meeting finalizing plans for the Florida FTC State Championship Feb. 18.  It was totally an all-hands meeting, with everyone working on everything from drive practice with help from FTC team 5210, Mission imPossible, to tweaking mechanics and programs, to finishing pit swag.  Even new member, Mark L.,  just joining TDT fresh from his FRC experience in San Diego, jumped in.

Our parent boosters worked the duct tape crafts like the pros they are, and we’ve got a veritable flower shop of duct tape roses to share with everyone at the Florida State Championship this coming Saturday.  Team members worked on buttons, tweaked our display board, and were even inspired to wash our safety glasses! And of course we ate well and played hard, too!

Doesn't everyone wash their safety glasses?

We’re especially grateful to M.I.T. for hanging out with us Saturday.  They didn’t proceed to the State Championship and  we’re a long way from their home in Seffner, but they came out to help us anyway.   That’s some serious GP,  and we really appreciate the time they took to help provide some realistic driving practice situations with us!

Driving with a little help from friends, team 5210, Mission imPossible

So the team video’s been turned in, the Engineering Notebook is up to date, the pit decos are done, the hotel reservations are paid for, the programs are written, the nuts and bolts are tightened on Otis (the elevator – get it?), the tool box is loaded up, our mascot’s spiffed up, and our driving’s sharp. We’re as ready as we’re gonna be!

Otis is ready!

Daytona – here we come!  Looking forward to seeing a lot of our FTC friends there!

Thank you to everyone who has helped us this season. Without the Team Behind the Team, we wouldn’t be heading to the State Championship, and we carry your support and encouragement with us into the competition!





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