We Do the Work to Get the Job Done

That’s the first few words of one of the classic FIRST Core Values– “We do the work to get the job done with guidance from our coaches and mentors.”   And that’s exactly what Team Duct Tape members have been doing, to the tune of 10-20 hours a week (almost 30 hours this week!) since the Florida State Championship in February.

Coaches and mentors are proud of the team’s increased level of commitment, and strong show of character as TDT  has taken its rebuild in hand, with individual team members taking the initiative in setting build goals, organizing meetings, cooperating and collaborating, and seeking adult guidance and support where needed.

While mechanical set backs have been many and frustrating,  our TDT Team Philosophy elevating character, teamwork and academic and intellectual achievement above everything else, has anchored our members with a can-do work ethic that helps them evaluate problems as they occur and then move forward with solutions.

We’re disappointed that we can’t participate in Brick Buddies’ Build by the Bay Jr. FLL Expo  today, where we’d hoped to get a little drive practice in with dent in the universe and Masquerade, but our robot still needs a lot of work, and team members didn’t feel they could afford to lose a build day.  So they’re back to work today after lunch, to do all they can to get the robot up and running.

It’s been an amazing season so far, and the first season we’ve ever had to rebuild this much – three completely different robots, actually!  The experience has been great first hand testimony to the value of careful assessment and design at the front end of the season, but in the long run, more is learned through error than success.

To that end, TDT members have learned an enormous amount this season, and the effort they’re putting into this last rebuild shows them applying lessons learned effectively, if on an unfortunately short turn around.  This time they

  • Organized their build using an adapted version of Agile project planning, working from end goal and setting calendar goals along the way.
  • CADed everything!
  • Consulted more seriously with their mentors, especially Paul Markun, of Tampa Technik, whose sound lessons on mechanics and solid build techniques are priceless.
  • Put their team before everything else, arranging meetings after school hours and on holidays.
  • Cooperated and communicated.
We can only hope the third time is the charm with this World Championship rebuild.  But we know with certainty that the education and experience team members have gotten this season will endure far beyond  the season.
From your coaches, mentors and supporters – We’re proud of you, Team Duct Tape!  You’re doing the work to get the job done with class and professionalism.  We can ask nothing more, and the FIRST experience can give nothing finer!
Go Team!!



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