Building, Hot Chocolate & Outreach

TDT members are pulling out all the stops in a headlong rush to our next ROBOT League meet on Saturday, December 8 at Middleton High School.  There’s a lot of ground to make up, but team members are in good spirits, with new skills falling into place with fresh understanding after their first competition.

Bennett’s making hay with the CAD, and Mark’s knocking out the programming, while Ryder, Matthew, and Joshua make short work of robot mechanical reconstruction.  The team is clicking, meshing teamwork gears as nicely as robot gears.  Feeling festive in the fine early winter Florida weather, everyone got in a hot chocolate break and in a mellow moment, collectively decided to name this year’s robot – Sheldon!

Why? Why not?!

Tomorrow night, team members head over to Suncoast Chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers meeting, to showcase their work and speak with SME members about this year’s design and build process and the team’s FIRST competition

The Most Perfect Hot Chocolate in the World

experiences so far.

Saturday, TDT meets at Super Mentor Paul Markun’s Tampa Technik shop, and Sunday,  some team members will be volunteering at Learning is for Everyone’s TEDxYouth@TampaBay 2012 event – where they’ll get to hear former FRC student and current UCF Marketing studies senior, Tim Arnold, who also describes himself as an”innovator and disruptor”, as well as other great young presenters – while others will be meeting for drive practice.

It’s a whirlwind week, but Team members – and Sheldon! – are up to it! 



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