Third Time’s the Charm: 1st & 2nd Place Wins!

The Tesla League pulled together a fantastic meet full of fun and energy! There was drama, fierce competition, rematches, dancing, singing, silliness and fun. And in the end, we did it: 1st place on the field and 2nd place in Judged awards!

We’ve come a long way with our new team, from our first meet in November where we finished in next to last place, steadily improving to fourth place in our second meet, and over-coming some strong offense from top Tesla League, and 1st ranked team in the state,   Dent in the Universe , to take the top spot in today’s meet at University High School. Two matches – both against DITU – had to be replayed due to field technical problems, but in the end, we won every match we played with every alliance partner we had.

Now we’ve got to stay on top of our game through next week, when we play a fourth meet back in our ROBOT League, next Saturday, January 19, at Polk State College in Winter Haven.  Lots of new lessons learned, and lessons to apply, and just one short week to tweak!




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