Lucky 13!

It’s been quite a journey so far, as we’ve worked our way up from nearly dead last to the middle of the pack and finally, as of last week’s ROBOT League meet at Polk State College, the middle of the top!  Now in 13th place, we need to hold on to a spot in the top 24, as we move into the League Championship this coming Saturday,  to earn a place at the Florida FTC State Championship in March.

Team members have been working hard all season, though, and each rung up the ladder has been preceded by a journey along the learning curve, with improvements coming out of every meet.

Team members have been working overtime to build the best team they can, in addition to the best robot they can, because in the end, it’s not just about how well the robot does on the field, but about how effective the team as a whole is – with everything from technical know-how and documentation, to team marketing, communications with each other and with other teams, work with mentors, and outreach to our FIRST community and to our Tampa Bay community.

It’s that greater challenge of character and teamwork, on top of  the technical and scientific challenges inherent in the game, that makes the FTC experience such an enriching one year after year.


Click on image to play Polk State College Meet video

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