Celebrating the Team Behind the Team

Team Duct Tape’s had a busy week, readying for the FTC State Championship this weekend, with our parent “Boosters” kicking in with duct tape swag and team members working on everything from interview practice to final robot tweaks. This is  always the time in our season when we like to remind team 

members of the team behind their team – 

  • Their parents who spend hours driving them to meetings and events,  provide snacks and refreshments and cheer them from the stands;
  • Their mentors who take time from their work day to share their expertise and guidance;
  • Their coaches who have not only devoted hours of their time, and organizational effort, but opened their hearts and their home and
  • Their sponsors and benefactors, who express their support with training, and  fiscal and in-kind donations

We’re deeply grateful to all the individuals and organizations who encourage, teach and support Team Duct Tape students, who guide them through failure and nurture success and who keep character at the forefront of all they do.

The graphic at left is a prime example of the kind of guidance team members get from their families, teachers, coaches and mentors.  It accompanied a donation from one of our team member’s grandparents, made in memory of the student’s grandfather who the donor said, ” absolutely led a Curiosity Driven Life .”

“There was little that didn’t fascinate him and so many things that interested him in wanting to do,” said the donor. “His nickname from his bosses – was MacGyver – as he was always able to fashion a quick fix with the odds and ends of stuff he had on hand. (He) picked up learning new things and tasks so easily and was an excellent problem solver on the job. When (he) wasn’t able to afford a part, a machine or tool, he figured out how to make his own.”

his legacy of creative self-reliance is clearly what the grandparent hopes to nurture in her grandson, a spirit of do-it-yourself inventiveness that being part of Team Duct Tape helps inspire and develop, and which we hope our team members will always enjoy!

So here’s to the Team behind the Team, the people who care and encourage and who model the curiosity, professionalism,  character, teamwork, collaborative community spirit and warm friendship we all hope our children  will in turn grow to model and share with others in their turn.

In gratitude – Team Duct Tape

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