Thank You, 8th Light!

Recently, Team Duct Tape members joined in an Open House at 8th Light, Inc. ,a Chicago and Tampa based Agile software development company that we met at coolTech.  8th Light specializes in a variety of programming languages for developing “beautiful applications”  for  web, mobile, and embedded projects, and more to our purposes,  8th Light deeply believes in pride of workmanship, and  elegant solutions achieved through collaboration and education.   Team members really enjoyed their visit, especially experiencing the Oculus VR goggles the group had on hand!

We thought that was all wonderful enough, and looked forward to participating in future 8th Light Open Houses, and perhaps some programming mentoring for next season.  Then we got an unexpected but very welcome surprise – a generous donation to the team from 8th Light!

We feel honored and humbled by 8th Light’s support, and we’re very grateful to count this fine business among our 2013-14 season sponsors.  We’ll do our best to represent with the class and professionalism for which 8th Light is known, and look forward to having 8th Light along on our new season journey!

Thank you, 8th Light!


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