We’re a FIRST in Florida 2013-14 Showcase Team!

Last season, FIRST in Florida started a new program to recognize teams that do a lot of outreach. Florida  FIRST Showcase Teams have to

1. Actively and professionally participate  in a minimum of three outreach events organized in Florida by FIRST.
2. Document  involvement in at least three additional outreach events in their community – science fairs, e-week, etc..

Showcase teams must:

  • Exhibit Gracious Professionalism at all times
  • Be student-driven
  • Understand FIRST
  • Understand and can speak to the importance of FIRST involvement in enhancing their academic and future workforce experiences.

Team Duct Tape is the first  FIRST Tech Challenge recipient in the state, recognized for our active community engagement, in these FIRST in Florida organized outreach efforts:

  • St Pete Science Festival – FIRST exhibit staffing
  • Lockheed Martin Lakeland Charities of Choice event
  • Barcamp Tampabay– presentations, demos and outreach
  • Tampa Bay Mini Maker Faire – FIRST Exhibit staffing
  • FRC Orlando Regional Championship FTC exhibit area

And in our own organized efforts that included participation in a channel 8 Daytime TV Show episode, outreach to local chapters of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), as well as exhibiting at local homeschool groups and the library.

The Showcase Teams program is not an official judged component in FIRST competitions, but it’s a nice way to be publicly recognized for  community outreach and service, and offers some nice talking points at events.  Recognized teams receive letters of acknowledgement, certificates of appreciation and a blue ribbon icon to use on their websites (ours is in the top right corner!) and media material.

Teams can apply for FIRST Showcase Team recognition year round at FIRST in Florida.   Join us and let’s make a big community of awesomeness!

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