Robotics: the Cutting Edge!

By Marissa Octavia

On Monday February 10th, Team Duct Tape visited the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) presentation called Robotics: the Cutting Edge! by Dr. Pierre Larochelle. At this seminar we explained and demonstrated our robot for the attendees. We talked about both our FTC season and accomplishments. We also met the FRC Team 4769 Nerdvana, their robot was impressive and we made some new friends. Dr. Pierre Larochelle talked about the past and the future of robotics.

Robots in the medical field have made outstanding improvements. For example patients with internal problems are now able to take a pill that take pictures from inside the body instead of cutting them open. Afterward we were then able to talk with people and go in depth about Team Duct Tape.

I had fun explaining and answering questions at the seminar. The seminar was very informative and it deepened my love for robotics. As I left the presentation, I had a better understanding of where robotics is heading in the near future.

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