We’re heading to the Florida FTC State Championship!

It was a rocky Rover Ruckus for us this season, and while our robot couldn’t quite rise to the occasion, we did!  At the ROBOT League Championship this past weekend, we earned the Connect Award, and the 7th slot for Florida FIRST Tech Challenge State Championship participation in our League.

The Connect Award recognizes teams that help their community understand FIRST, the FIRST Tech Challenge program, and the team itself. Connect Award winners are recognized for actively
seeking and recruiting engineers and exploring professional opportunities in engineering, science and technology. The award also acknowledges teams that have a clear Business or Strategic Plan and has identified steps to achieve their goals.  We’ve been trying hard to do all those things, and we’re glad it showed.

Congratulations, too, to all the other ROBOT League teams that made it through to the State event:

  • 7203 KNO3
  • 4997 Masquerade
  • 3846 Maelstrom
  • 14850 Infinity Gear
  • 12600 Hardon Knights
  • 6433 Neutrinos

We’re excited about the State event in February, but have a little work to do before we get there (yes, we completely stripped down our robot!).  We could also use your support to help defray travel and lodging costs for the team.  Your contributions are deeply appreciated!

Now back to our regularly scheduled meetings – and then some!

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