Thank You RD Management!

We’re excited and honored to announce our new  FIRST Championship Houston sponsor, RD Management, owner of University Mall where  AMRoC Fab Lab, our new home base, is located.

RD Management is among the largest, privately held real-estate development and management organizations in the nation, with over 150  properties throughout the United States and Puerto Rico,  spanning the mixed-use, retail, office, residential, hospitality, self-storage, senior/student housing, industrial, and government sectors.

RD Management has been incredibly welcoming and supportive of Team Duct Tape, made a generous donation to the team, and created the awesome banner shown above, to hang at our pit in Houston!  The company has supported the development of AMRoC Fab Lab making it possible not only for us to have a great meeting and build space, but for hundreds of other area youth to have access to FIRST programs and great mentors to help them make the most of the powerful experience FIRST offers.

We asked Mr. Christopher Bowen, the Chief Development Strategist for RD Management, if he wanted to say anything about the company’s support for Team Duct Tape, and he surprised us with this wonderful comment:

“We can’t think of any better ambassadors of Tampa’s UPTOWN District to have representing us in Houston, than Team Duct Tape, and the wonderful organizations, parents, families and friends that have supported them along the way.  Their passion, aspirations and commitment represent the true nature of what the UPTOWN spirit and vision are all about. You have already won our hearts, now go have fun and pursue your dreams!”

We’re truly moved by RD Management’s support and kind words, proud of being part of the Uptown District and will do our best to represent with Gracious Professionalism and integrity in Houston, and always!


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