Getting to the Ultimate Goal

What a ride the season has been so far. We realized we hadn’t posted an update to the Guess the Game game. Galactic Squirrels up in Gainesville won!

The season to date from September on has been an interesting one, to say the least. Meeting online at the start of the season, we moved to in person meetings by late September, and have been meeting in-person and online ever since, masked and with lots of hand sanitizing. And we also gained four new team members!

The one good thing about the virtual meet season, has been the time it’s give us to progress through out our build. Each meet date has become its own interim goal, as we’ve aimed to have improvements in place each time – and our scores have improved at each meet, with our top score at the 3rd meet, of 101. The slower pace has given us time to work with new students, introducing them to CAD and programming, and giving them time to learn to drive the robot.

This week we’re gearing up for Meet 4, with an updated ring collector and shooter and hope to improve even further. We also want to invite any interested team who are running their Meet 4 matches this Saturday, Feb. 27, to join us for a virtual “Meet”up!

The “Meet”up

If your team is running remote Meet matches on Saturdays during Meet weeks, you’re invited to join Team Duct Tape for a virtual meetup, for fun, networking, Q&A, and just to see one another. To join in, all you have to do is complete this form or the button below, to let us know you’d like participate, and then we’ll send you a link to join in – no downloads or special instructions.

All you need is a camera on your phone or computer. We can pair up for virtual practice matches, you can share videos, photos, close ups of your robot, we can chat and livestream too if we’ve got enough folks playing along. Let us know if you want to join in, so we can plan accordingly. We can have up to four or five teams at a time on the platform, anytime between 1pm and 5pm. Go Teams!

Thank You to Our Sponsors & Supporters!

Ordinarily, we get to thank our sponsors at events, with signage and shout outs. With our new side panels we’ll have sponsor stickers this week on the robot, but we also want to take a moment to thank our amazing sponsors here, now. It is with great appreciation that we want to thank the following :

We’re also immensely grateful to our families for their support, and to FCDI & AMRoC Fab Lab for providing safe meeting space , sponsorship support and encouragement and to all our great mentors!

We’ve still got a couple of months left in the season, and we’re looking forward to reaching the Ultimate Goal of a strong, well trained team and reliable, and consistently high performing robot.

Good luck to all the ROBOT League Teams and all our Florida teams as we continue to work through the season. Hope to see some of our friends online during our “Meet”ups and hopefully a lot of our friends in person, in the near future!

Go Teams!

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