Our guiding philosophy, from the Team Duct Tape Handbook under which FIRST Tech Challenge Team Duct Tape operates:

Our goal is to elevate character, teamwork, and academic and intellectual achievement above all else. We do not seek to win at all costs, but rather to give team members an enduring hands-on STEM experience that will serve them well into their futures. Putting character before competition has yielded a consistently high achieving team that reliably brings home trophies year after year, and is well regarded not just statewide but nationally.

Team Duct Tape currently has no openings.  If there are any changes prior to the start of the new season, we will post here accordingly.  If you’d like to mentor or support the team, also please get in touch via our Contact page.

Sponsors and Mentors
Potential supporters can learn more at our Support TDT page. Mentors with experience in programming, mechanical engineering, CAD design, robotics, team building and related skills are always welcome. Our team members are always eager for learning opportunities at meetings and at field outings, so if you’ve got a skill or business you feel they’d benefit from learning more about, we welcome the opportunity to work with you in expanding team members knowledge and skill base, and enhancing their futures.

If there are openings on the team, applications will be accepted through early summer for new team members. To most enjoy the FIRST Tech Challenge experience, it’s important that potential members have a good sense of humor, unlimited imagination, unbridled curiosity and an interest in engineering, math or science. Past experience in robotics (BEST, Vex, Lego Mindstorm, Sumo, etc) is helpful but not necessary. Parents and family are a vital part of the team experience, and some family involvement and assistance is integral to our success.

We’re always happy to talk to students interested in FIRST robotics and to help you find teams or resources, or even help you build your own team.


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