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Game Night Fundraiser for Team Duct Tape


Game Night Fundraiser for Team Duct Tapefundaiser flyer

This is a night for fun, meeting new people, and enjoying each other’s company while raising funds for Team Duct Tape, a high school robotics team. If you are interested in playing games like D&D, Settlers of Catan, Pandemic, or if you want to play Xbox games; Portal 1 or 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Half-Life 2, or team fortress 2; come on down. You can also try your driving skills on our robot that we have built.

Team Duct Tape is a community based team. We do not have any form of help from any institution. We have to raise our own money through grants and fundraising events like this one. We urgently need funding; last year we had to give up our spot at Super Regionals because we were short on funds. Florida’s FIRST Tech Challenge state championship is not far away and we need to get new parts for our lift on our robot soon. This money will be used to buy new parts for our robot, pay travel fees, competition entrance fees, and to expand our knowledge as future engineers.

There is no admission fee, but we do ask that you make a donation of $20-30 to help us reach our goal of $1,500 for the event. The whole team of high school students will be hosting this event along with our sponsor, Joe Healy from Microsoft, who is letting us use Microsoft’s facility for our game night. This event is to raise funds for TDT. This will benefit you because you are making an investment in a team of future engineers who will make technological advancements. Please come to the game night, enjoy a night full of games, and help TDT by donating. Thank you!


Team Duct Tape’s Game Night is on December 11th 2015 at 6-10pm

At Microsoft’s Facility: 5426 Bay Center Dr, Tampa, FL.

Game night will start at 6pm and end around 10pm.


Please e-mail Team Duct Tape at if you have any questions.

And Check out our Facebook page for our event:



Time for our 6th Annual FTC Guess the Game Game!

T2015 guess the gamehat’s right! We can’t kick off a new FTC season with a new opportunity to earn some awesome, hand crafted, Team Duct Tape swag to get you off to durable start!

Have you been following the FIRST Tech Challenge Blog?

Seen any clues? We’re not sure either, but if you want to take a stab at what you think this year’s game is, enter it on our online form and the closest guess – at the local Florida kick off and one out of state guess – will win some awesome duct tape thing!

In the past, we’ve had messenger bags, and last year, we gave away a cool Captain America Duct Tape Shield to the winner!

So whaddaya waiting for! Browse that blog for some possible clues and give us your best guess by September 11th!

Go Teams!

Girl Power!

by Marissa Schiereck

Guess what we did this month?  On Tuesday December 16th Team Duct Tape (TDT) could be found at Sickles High School. There we met the “Girls Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) Club”. TDT demonstrated this year’s robot for the club and spread the love of robotics.
Team Duct Tape had a blast demonstrating our robot completing tasks and field elements to the girls. Thanks to TDT’s own Daniele Mendez, a Sickles student and the vice president of the Girls STEM Club, this exhibition was able to happen. This was originally an outreach for the club, BUT many other students and teachers were interested in our robot. For one of the STEM club members, it was her first time driving a robot and she enjoyed driving it up and down the hall.
Team Duct Tape was even able to meet the president of the Girls STEM Club and learn that a few of the members plan to work in the robotics field. There was one member, Alyssa, who seem very interested in FTC. We invited her to our next competition, and hope to see her soon!

We want to thanks Sickles High School, and the Girls Stem Club for hosting us and letting us share the JOY of FTC robotics with other teens.