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Good Start to Fun Block Party Season!

Team Duct Tape came out of the gate in decidedly better shape this season than they did last season, finishing in solid third place against some stiff ROBOT League competition, and learning a lot in the process!  There was lots of bock shoveling, flag raising and robot hanging going on at Hillsborough High School on Saturday, some dancing and a little silliness, too.  In short – FTC season has started!

Got a little time before our next meet, when we head south on November 23 for an out-of-league road trip to Ft. Myers, to compete in the SW Florida Robotics League  WolfDen Meet hosted by South Fort Myers High School.  We’re looking forward to visiting with our South Florida friends!

We’ll be tweaking and tinkering until then, and maybe get a little more precision on that block delivery system!

Many thanks to all the volunteers who make the Hillsborough meet so much fun!





And congratulations to ROBOT League Think Award winners, the Team 6433 the Neutrinos, finalists 7710 Hydra C and 2425 Hydra A and the Winning Alliance team of 6433 Neutrinos (Captain) and 4997 Masquerade, and the Finalist Alliance team of  3846 Maelstrom (Captain) and 1369 Minotaur.

Check out full event results at the ROBOT League website.




TDT @ BarCamp Tampa Bay 2013

Team Duct Tape joined Coleman Middle School FLL teams, Biohazardous and MiB, and FLL Wired Wildcats from Academy at the Lakes; FTC teams Maelstrom from Middleton High School, and Hydra from Hillsborough High School, and our sister team,  FRC Team 4769, from Dixie Hollins High School , along with Middleton’s Minotaur, Hillsborough FRC Hydra team, and Academy at the Lakes Wired Wildcats  FRC Team at Bar Camp Tampa Bay2013, at the University of South Florida College of Business, last Saturday.

It was a great event on many levels, not the least of which is that teams had not only a  friendly, interested and appreciative audience, but one that understood the intricacies of what they were doing.
TDT actually held their weekly team meeting at the event, something teams were encouraged to do so that BarCamp attendees could see the teams in the development stages of their robot builds.  During the course of the day, programmers got programming done, and builders completed a rather awesome little flag raiser.
It was a fun outreach event, but not we’ve got a Block Party to get ready for!

Brainstorming, Learning & Building

Two weeks into the new season and Team Duct Tape’s hard at work, brainstorming, learning, building and with a full outreach calendar.  A week ago, we enjoyed a fun Google+ Hangout hosted by the Bears FTC team from Mexico, and joined by  Landroids FTC 4220, of New Jersey,  and Team Beta FTC 3550, from Iowa.  We hope to link up again later on in the season.

After that, the team dug in with some focused brainstorming, worked out team roles and organized the meeting schedule for the coming weeks. With a foreshortened season  due to the new Super Regionals, time is of the essence. So TDT is taking a sort of “divide and conquer” (the tasks) approach to the season, with some team members participating in outreach events, others going to programming mentoring sessions, and different team members handling different build tasks at different times.

The team is also taking a more nose-to-the-grindstone approach to the Engineering Notebook this season, with entries being completed at the end of each meeting rather than as a take-home assignment. That way sketches and design notes are captured right away, and everyone provides input for each entry to make sure all the salient points are included.

This coming Saturday, we’ll be holding at least part of our meeting at Bar Camp Tampa Bay at the University of South Florida School of Business, and look forward to showing BarCamp attendees our build process and programming work, and learning for them throughout the day. We’re excited about the opportunity and look forward to making more friends in the growing Tampa Bay tech community.