Meet Team Duct Tape

Team Duct Tape 12.0

Group PhotoMeet this year’s team, hailing from around Pasco County, FL, public schooled team members come together at least once a week to meet the Advanced Manufacturing & Robotics Center (AMRoC) Fab Lab in Tampa.

Meet the Team!


Hello, my name is Akhilesh, this is my second year with TDT, and I’m looking forward to great things this year. I am currently a sophomore in the Engineering Magnet at Middleton High School. I plan on being on the mechanical team and working on the CAD of the robot, and I’m excited to learn many new things.

IMG_7357Hi my name is Shrey, and I have been participating in FIRST since I was 9 years old.  I started out in FLL, and have also participated in FRC but my passion is in FTC and being a member of Team Duct Tape.  I am the Mechanical Lead, and after attending the World Championship last season, we as a team, are more motivated than ever to go back and experience it again.  

IMG_7345Hi, my name is Tanmay, and this is my second year with Team Duct Tape. Some of my hobbies are playing outside, video games, and origami. I also like to make YouTube videos. I have two pet cockatiels that are older than me. My favorite sport is basketball, and I play it almost every day. I’m really looking forward to spending another amazing year in FIRST.

IMG_7351Hi, my name is Maalav, and I am in the 11th grade. This is my fourth season with Team Duct Tape and seventh year with FIRST. I enjoy programming, astronomy, photography, and anything to do with aerospace. I am looking forward to working on the programming and mechanical teams this season and I can’t wait to see what we will accomplish!

IMG_7347Hi I’m William! I am a Sophomore at Middleton High School in the Biomedical magnet. I enjoy tinkering with electronics, building/flying model aircraft, riding my bike, and most importantly, I love Raccoons! This will be my second year in First Tech Challenge. Working with robotics is fun and I look forward to another successful year as part of Team Duct Tape.

IMG_7310Hi, I am Jack Whitlock, and I am in 8th grade. I have not worked with Team Duct Tape or FIRST before. This is my first time on a competitive team. Although I have done other non-competitive, robot related activities before. I play the piano and like to program my Lego Mindstorm. My favorite subjects in school are math and science. I also like listening to audiobooks.

IMG_7354Hi, I am Prayuj Tuli, and I’m a junior at Sickles High School, with this being my 3rd year as part of Team Duct Tape. My favorite hobbies are programming, reading, math, and physiological studies. In the future I plan to become a neurologist and be the first to do a brain transplant. For the team, I work as the go-to accountant. Managing legal expenditures and finances is another one of my hobbies. Overall, I hope to have another exciting year with TDT.

IMG_7349Hi! I’m Ashlyn. I’m 14 year’s old with a love of anime, manga, and videogames. This is my first year participating in FTC with Team Duct Tape.

Team Duct Tape 12.0

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