Team Duct Tape members and volunteers are available for interviews, FIRST outreach visits and robot demonstrations. You can learn more about our achievements and efforts on our About page and our Community Involvement page.  Team Duct Tape is a consistently high achieving FIRST Tech Challenge team, with Florida FTC State Championship awards almost every season since our founding in 2008. In 2010, we earned a spot in the FIRST World Championship in Atlanta, GA ,  again in the 2011-12 FTC World Championship in St. Louis and most recently in the 2018-19 season, competing in the Houston FIRST Tech Challenge Championship.

Awards – Season XII, 2019-20

  • Florida FIRST Tech Challenge State Championship – Finalist Alliance Award
  • ROBOT League Championship – Winning Alliance Award

Awards – Season XI, 2018-19

  • Florida FIRST Tech Challenge State Championship – Connect Award & spot in Houston FIRST Championship
  • ROBOT League Championship – Connect Award

Awards – Season IX, 2016-17

  • Winning Alliance – Florida FIRST Tech Challenge Championship

earned spot at South Super Regional in Athens, GA

Awards – Season VIII, 2015-16

Florida FTC State Championship

  • Judges Video Award

ROBOT League Championship

  • Judges Award

Awards – Season VII, 2014-15

Florida FTC State Championship

  • Rockwell Collins Innovate Award – awarded spot in South Super Regional

ROBOT League Championship

  • Inspire Award & Finalist Alliance

ROBOT League Meets

Awards – Season VI, 2013-14

Florida FTC State Championship

  • Inspire Award – earned spot in first Super-Regional Championship, in San Antonio TX

ROBOT League Championship

  • Qualifying Matches – First Place
  • Finalist Aliance – Second Place
  • Connect Award Winner


  • Meet 1:  3rd Place
  • Meet 2: Finalist Alliance
  • Meet 3: Finalist Alliance

Awards – Season V, 2012-13

League system instituted in Florida

 Awards – Season IV, 2011-12

Awards – Season III, 2010-11

Awards – Season II, 2009-10

Awards – Rookie Season 2008-09

Team Duct Tape has been featured in:

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