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Thank You, AquaCal!

It is with deep gratitude that we announce a generous donation from AquaCal. The St. Petersburg, FL company is the world’s largest manufacturer of swimming pool/spa heat pumps since 1981, and a Team Duct Tape supporter since 2010!  AquaCal contributed to our 2010 World Championship journey and we’re honored and humbled that they’re supporting the team again this year.

AquaCal’s commitment to high performing, top quality products is a model  to aspire to, and TDT is doing just that with our most recent rebuild, applying lessons learned, designing carefully and testing as we go to ensure a top performing, high quality robot that will be a beautiful machine that’s competitive at World.

Thank you, AquaCal!  We’ll do our best to represent your great company with professionalism and class at the FIRST World Championship in St. Louis!

Fun and Productive Tampa Technik Visit

Working with Paul Markun and Jeff Tawney, of AquaCal

Working with Paul Markun and Jeff Tawney, of AquaCal

A couple of TDT members enjoyed visiting with Paul Markun, of Tampa Technik, earlier this week, where they received someaquacal good guidance on hoped for improvements to their robot.  Visiting with Mr. Markun is always instructive and productive! His Gracious Professionalism is always in evidence, and he goes to great lengths to inspire students to incorporate clean elegance into their designs and work.