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Inspire Award Winners!

Team members’ hard work and unified presence, on the field and off, earned them the Inspire Award at Middleton Madness this past weekend, and a spot at the FTC State Championship at Embry Riddle in Daytona in February!

It was touch and go with the robot sometimes, in what is definitely a challenging game. In the end, we ranked 12 in a

Oooh! It's shiny!

field of 16 – definitely not our best performance.  But all our matches were well played, thanks to a strong autonomous and some skilled driving that made the best of some heavy penalty matches, despite best intentions to avoid them.

Fortunately,  the game is definitely about more than field performance, which can sometimes be at the mercy of luck and circumstance.  And Team Duct Tape has all the essential elements in place, from a great team video, to a well-articulated and thoroughly documented design process to extensive community outreach that so far this year has taken us to 20 events and programs in the Central Florida area showcasing FIRST.

With four new students this year, all new to FTC and two with no previous FIRST experience at all, Team Duct Tape’s great spirit and strong sportsmanship is truly evident in this, our fourth season, and we’re proud of our great group of students, who clearly put the good of their team first, and whose warmth and friendship is evident in all they do.   Great job, team!

Now it’s back to the workbench.  Our second competition is in January and we’ve got some lessons learned to apply!  Many, many thanks to all the great folks who helped make our great showing at Middleton Madness possible, from terrifically patient Coach Mike, to the wonderful gift of practice space from one of our families, to the financial contributions of the Dunedin Rotary Club, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, the Golf Car Depot and the Breakfast Nook – where we hope to see friends and supporters on Friday evening, for our TDT Benefit Dinner  .(We definitely need help and support for our trip to Daytona Beach for 11 families!)

Enjoy the game day slide show below!


It’s Time for Dinner at the Breakfast Nook – TDT Benefit Dinner, Dec. 9th

It’s time for dinner at the Breakfast Nook! As many of us start to think about food, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, please consider putting December 9th on your calendar.  That’s the day our friends at the Breakfast Nook are hosting a Benefit Dinner for Team Duct Tape.   Team members will be your servers, and guests will be able to enjoy driving the robot and learning more about our FIRST journey. Proceeds will help defray parts, competition fees and travel expenses for the team this season.

You can read about it in the announcement at left, and get your tickets via EventBrite .

In the meantime, we’re back to building and competition readiness planning for our first competition on Dec. 3 at Middleton High School.