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Cornell’s Robot Ranger Sets Untethered ‘Walking’ Record at 14.3 Miles

From Newswise:

 The loneliness of the long-distance robot: A Cornell University robot named Ranger walked 14.3 miles in about 11 hours, setting an unofficial world record at Cornell’s Barton Hall early on July 6. A human – armed with nothing more than a standard remote control for toys – steered the untethered robot.

Ranger navigated 108.5 times around the indoor track in Cornell’s Barton Hall – about 212 meters per lap, and made about 70,000 steps before it had a stop and recharge.

The 14.3-mile record beats the former world record set by Boston Dynamics’ BigDog, which had claimed the record at 12.8 miles.

Read the complete story at http://www.newswise.com/articles/view/566625/?sc=dwtp

Here’s video of Ranger’s first record breaking walk in 2008, when it walked about six miles: