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Game Night Fundraiser – Friday, Feb. 21, 6pm

Our great programming mentors at Sumo Software are hosting a Game Night Fundraiser for Team Duct Tape.    Enjoy a fun night playing a variety of tabletop games, enjoying pizza, snacks and beverages, meeting Team Duct Tape students and seeing this year’s robot in action!  RSVP to info@Learningis4everyone.org to join in. Requested donation: $20/person.  Thank you!

TDT Goes Nuts for World Championship Fundraiser!

We’ll sell the acorns off our trees to get to the FIRST World Championship in St. Louis!

Our fantastic team families have been pulling out all the stops in our fundraising efforts – contacting organizations and businesses for their support, organizing fundraising dinners and raffles, writing letters and now they’re pulling out their collectibles!  Inspired by the recent  $200,000 Ebay sale of a blob of glue that supposedly (and only remotely!) resembled Homer Simpson, one of our families has listed a Mickey Mouse look-a-like acorn on Ebay in the hopes of generating some World Championship funds.

The acorn has been a  novelty in the family for a few years, but they’re willing to part with it in the hopes that it might help the team better afford their St. Louis trip, and bring someone else the sense of fun and enjoyment they’ve had with the little Florida acorn, in the process.

Check out the listing, and share it along! Surely someone, somewhere, really wants an acorn that looks like Mickey Mouse!