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Tampa Bay Engineers Banquet Insightful and Fun

Team Duct Tape members with HHS Team Hydra members

Team Duct Tape members with HHS Team Hydra members

Team Duct Tape had a full and insightful evening at the Tampa Bay Engineers Banquet this past Friday, held in celebration of National Engineers Week. The team enjoyed sharing both an information table and the dinner table with Hillsborough High School’s Team Hydra .

Team members were able to showcase their robot, and share the story of their FTC journey with attending engineers, offering opportunities for sponsorship and mentoring, as well as informing engineers about FIRST robotics. Team Duct Tape, along with Team Hydra, also helped out at the banquet by distributing event information sheets to the approximately 400 guests.

Team Duct members at our Info Table

Team Duct members at our Info Table

The keynote speaker at the dinner was AnnMarie Spexet, of Engineers Without Borders, a non-profit humanitarian organization established to partner with developing communities worldwide in order to improve their quality of life. EWB implements sustainable engineering projects, while involving and training internationally responsible engineers and engineering students.

In less than 10 years, it has become one of the fastest growing engineering societies in the US, with over 200 chapters across the United States, including sixteen in the state of Florida with two in the Tampa area (University of South Florida, and a Tampa area professional chapter). Projects are conducted in over 41 different countries, including the US, in coordination with community members, local organizations, local contractors, engineering students, professors, professional engineers in both the US and the local country.

Informing about FTC and Team Duct Tape

Informing about FTC and Team Duct Tape

The Engineers Banquet, like each event Team Duct Tape has attended, helped broaden team members’ perspectives and horizons and we’re grateful to FWCS-ASME for welcoming us to the event.

Thank You Florida West Coast Section of the ASME

Team Duct Tape would like to thank the Florida West Coast Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for graciously sponsoring the team’s participation in the Florida FTC State Championship, which will be held on February 28, 2009 at the University of South Florida Campus Recreation Center.

Team Duct Tape is deeply grateful to the FWCS-ASME for your generosity, and for your moral and academic encouragement. We will work hard to honor your trust and support by exemplifying FIRST ideals of excellence and Gracious Professionalism in all we do.

However we fare at the state tournament, your gifts of kindness, mentorship and expertise will sustain team members far beyond their high school robotics experience and well into their futures.

Thank you!

Learning about Interviews

Mr. Pete Grotsky, of the Florida West Coast Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, joined Team Duct Tape for this week’s meeting to mentor students on good interview and team presentation practices.

He went over things like what makes a good Engineering notebook, dressing for success, posture, voice and attitude, and the importance of showing Gracious Professionalism from start to finish.

Some important things to include in the notebook, Mr. Grotsky advised, is a table of contents, and tabs highlighting entries that show important points or developments in the team’s journey. Illustrations should be captioned. Entries should be made regularly, right up to and beyond qualifying competitions.

Team appearance, he reminded members, is very important. Team members should

  • create a neat, clean unified presence,
  • shake hands firmly, and
  • speak clearly and politely.

Despite formalities, it’s also important that teams show they enjoy being there, that they’re having fun while they learn (without being goofy and immature!).

FIRST, Mr. Grotsky reminded Team Duct Tape, can offer some very tangible, long term benefits in the way of skills and knowledge development, scholarships, and networking opportunities. Team interviews at competitions offer an introduction to interview experiences students might have in real life, answering questions about what they do and how they do it.

Team Duct Tape is very grateful to Mr. Grotsky for sharing his insights and experience with team members, and team members look forward to some real time interview practice at their next meeting.