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Fun and Productive Tampa Technik Visit

Working with Paul Markun and Jeff Tawney, of AquaCal

Working with Paul Markun and Jeff Tawney, of AquaCal

A couple of TDT members enjoyed visiting with Paul Markun, of Tampa Technik, earlier this week, where they received someaquacal good guidance on hoped for improvements to their robot.  Visiting with Mr. Markun is always instructive and productive! His Gracious Professionalism is always in evidence, and he goes to great lengths to inspire students to incorporate clean elegance into their designs and work.


Thank you to our World Championship Supporters: TRAK Microwave and Raytheon!

trak-microwaveTeam Duct Tape is deeply grateful for the generous contributions of TRAK Microwave and Raytheon NCS, towards costs for FIRSTrtn_rgb_red World Championship registration and accommodations expenses.  The logistics of getting a team of ten and their families to Atlanta for four days – a party of twenty-two so far- is challenging and the expense considerable. Thanks to TRAK Microwave and Raytheon NCS, things just got a little bit easier, and we can better concentrate on the competition experience!  Thank you very much for all you do to support youth and the remarkable FIRST program in our community! 

 If other groups and organizations would like to become part of the larger support community of Team Duct Tape, please drop us a line at info@learningis4everyone.org, or contribute via the Network for Good link at right.

We promise to represent Florida with Gracious Professionalism and in the finest spirit of FIRST!

All We Want for Christmas is an NXT – And all that Great FLL Energy!

tourny-thanks Well, that was the name of the FLL Qualifying Tournament we volunteered at on Saturday.  And it was great fun revisiting the FIRST LEGO League experience as helpers, spectators and supporters of the two great FLL teams we’re mentoring, Brick Buddies and TechnoForce, both of whom took home awards.


TechnoForce to the Rescue!

TDT members served as volunteers at the practice table, and as Technical, Teamwork and Gracious Professionalism judges.   Smart Moves is a challenging game, but both Brick Buddies and TechnoForce were up to the challenge, showing their mettle on and off the field, turning in great performances in their presentations, teamwork and technical interviews. Brick Buddies won the Teamwork Award, and TechnoForce received the Team Spirit Award.  Brick Buddies also made it into the Robot Alliance Championship round and came in second place with their alliance team, the RoboPanthers.  Congratulations to both Brick Buddies and TechnoForce! We’re enjoying being part of your FIRST journey.

TDT members celebrating FLL Brick Buddies Teamwork win

TDT members celebrating Brick Buddies Teamwork win

We also had a great time seeing the spirit and enthusiasm always on display at FLL events, and serving as a good inspiration for older students to keep that sense of fun and energy going at the upper levels of FIRST robotics.  We also enjoyed seeing FTC team Smoke and Mirrors at the event, where they had last season’s robot on display and available for students to operate and enjoy.


TDT members helping at the practice table

We highly recommend volunteering at FLL events and mentoring FLL teams as a way to stay young at heart forever!