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Team Duct Tape visiting TRAK Microwave

trak-microwaveTRAK Microwave was one of Team Duct Tape’s biggest sponsor’s last season, contributing generously to our FIRST World Championship journey, as well as providing mentoring guidance during some of our meetings.  On Tuesday, TDT members are bringing FTC to TRAK,  to give a presentation about FIRST Tech Challenge and demo the Hot Shot! game for TRAK engineers. Team members will also have an opportunity to talk with engineers, have lunch with them,  and to get a tour of the TRAK facility – the best of all possible young engineer worlds!  FLL Team Brick Buddies will be along, too,  to showcase FIRST LEGO League and their achievements.

TDT is looking forward to our visit and to thanking TRAK Microwave in person for all their kindness and support.

TDT @ PTC/USER World Event 2010

TDT at PTC USER World Event in 2009
TDT at PTC USER World Event in 2009

Team Duct Tape will be in Orlando Monday and Tuesday, at the 2010  PTC/USER World Event , showcasing the Hot Shot! game and reaching out to conference attendees to inform them about FIRST robotics opportunities for them as professionals, and for youth in their home towns.

PTC is a Crown-Level Supplier to FIRST Robotics (FRC) and the CAD and Collaboration Sponsor for the FIRST Tech Challenge, and invites FIRST students to the World Event annually, as part of their mission of “Inspiring a New Generation of Engineers.”   
Team Duct Tape is honored to be participating in the event again this year, and looks forward  to sharing what we love about FIRST, and to learning from others at this great event.   

FTC World Championship pics

Enjoy! We did!