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Happy July 4th from Team Duct Tape!

card-gamespool-funTDT enjoyed some much deserved downtime today, at our annual Independence Day Weekend potluck. Sean Denny, of the IEEE Florida West Coast Section,  joined us, as did two of our graduate members.  The rainy day forecast held off until after everyone got in some pool time, and then indoor card games provided entertainment for the rest of the afternoon.

One of our team members, Chris, checked in from Chicago, enroute to his summer internship at Anybots , a telepresence robotics company. We mentioned QB back in May, noting that TDT programmer Chris Willingham had been developing a similar robot – his Skypebot – that provided telepresence capability via Skype.   In the course of researching mobility methods, Chris ended up speaking with Trevor Blackwell , whom he was delighted to learn is the inventor of Anybot’s QB.   As a result of their conversations, Chris was offered an internship at Anybots in Mountain View, CA, which he happily and gratefully accepted.

So it ended up being a great day to celebrate all sorts of independence, as we watch our team members head out into exciting futures, doing the things they love!

TDT Programmer, Chris, Heading out to Anybots internship in CA

TDT Programmer, Chris, Heading out to Anybots internship in CA

Get On-Board with New Tampa IEEE Chapter: Robotics and Automation Society (RAS)

An Invitation from the IEEE Florida West Coast Section:


robotics-and-automation-society-logoSo just how do you feel about robots? Was the last time that you thought about  them back when that Transformers movie came out? Well, it turns out that right  here in the Tampa area we’ve got a lot of robot activities going on.

In the elementary and high schools they’ve got the FIRST robotics programs, USF undergrads are currently building a solar powered robot for a competition that  will be held next year, and I suspect that a lot of those local defense contractors are building the next generation of transformers.

If you have even a passing interest in robots (and what engineer doesn’t?), then I’ve got an opportunity for you.

Local IEEE member George Schott is in the process of starting up an new official IEEE Chapter — the Robotics and Automation Society (RAS if you’re really cool). Right now you have an opportunity to find out more and get in on the ground floor.

In these uncertain economic times, do you think that developing some expertise in another area of engineering might do your career good? George is the one who will be doing all of the work, he just needs to know that you’re interested.

If you like robots, if you still remember who R2D2 and C3PO are, if you cried for the robot at the end of any of the Terminator movies then you are exactly the person that we’re looking for.

Forward this email to george@imbedded.com or pick up the phone and give George a call at (727) 692-6440. He’s collecting names and once he’s got a list he’ll keep you updated on what the next steps are.

Look, if robots are really going to take over the world, it sure seems like it would a good idea to be a member of the Tampa IEEE RAS group — you might get special treatment!

Email or call George!

– Jim Anderson
Chairman, IEEE Florida West Coast Section