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Ken Johnson@Engineers Week Banquet reminds us: “Society Gets What it Celebrates!”

TDT members with FTC Director Ken Johnson

TDT members spruced up for the Tampa Bay Engineers Week Banquet last night, and had a great time connecting

Ken Johnson speaking with Minotaur member

 with engineers from a dozen different societies. They also enjoyed meeting with FTC Director and the event’s keynote speaker, Ken Johnson and sharing some of their work from this season’s Get Over It! challenge.

FTC students had a full evening networking and speaking with event attendees, and had fun sitting together at the Banquet, sharing a table with Florida FTC Affiliate Partner Michael Coleman and his wife Jennifer.
All in all, the evening offered a great opportunity for students to showcase the hard work and new skills they acquired during the season,   and to remind engineers how important it is to share their time and knowledge with a new generation of youth who have the potential to create powerful, positive and enduring change in our world.

Minotaur, Mr. and Mrs. Coleman and Team Duct Tape at Banquet

Hey, that's US in the slideshow!

Congrats, Thanks & Enjoy the Pictures!

Team Duct Tape would like to extend hearty congratulations and best wishes to Team Minotaur #1369, the Florida FTC State Championship Inspire Award winners, and Spontaneous Combustion, team 3123 (Alliance Captain), Pandara #506 and Serious Business #3736, all members of the Winning Alliance, as they ready for the FTC World Championship in St. Louis in April! We’ll be watching and rooting for another great showing for Florida this year! You can see the full list of award winner at the Florida FTC event results page.  (Be sure to check out the Florida State Championship Wrap-Up video while you’re there, too!)

Sorting through all our photos reminds us of just how great a time we had this past weekend! Embry Riddle Aeronautical University was an incredible, warm and welcoming host. As always, we deeply appreciate Florida FTC Affiliate Partner Michael Coleman’s committment to FIRST Tech Challenge and his management of high quality, efficiently run competitions. And we continue admire (and be in awe of!) Umbrella Guy’s remarkable, unflagging high energy and spirit in keeping an event fun and exciting all day long!

Our gratitude also goes out to the dozens of volunteers, from judges to referrees and support personnel, who make FIRST Tech Challenge possible in Florida. Without you, we couldn’t be us! 🙂 Duct Tape may be the Force that holds the Universe together (you know – it has a Dark side and a Light side…), but Volunteers are the Force that holds FIRST together, and a Universe without FIRST is a dim one indeed. Thank you all for a great FTC State Championship! Enjoy the pictures!


Can’t Get Over “Get Over It!”

Ready for the Kick-Off film!

Ready for the Kick-Off film!

Wow! Get Over It!  has fired everyone’s imaginations, and we can’t wait to get started. Today’s Kick-off event in Orlando

Our Best Guess game prize went to Team 4228

Our Best Guess game prize went to Team 4228

 was terrific, from the PTC overview to the big reveal.   We had a lot of fun with our Best Guess game, and are happy to report that Nathaniel, of Team 4228 here in Florida took our special duct tape prize locally.  And Team 2827, Artificial Stupidity, of North Carolina has won as our out of state entry. You can read their prediction on their website – it’s pretty amazing!

We had a full day today, but couldn’t turn in without thanking Michael Coleman , FTC Affiliate Partner for Florida, for another great season Kick-Off!  Over 130 students attended, setting the stage for an energetic and exciting 2010 FTC season here in Florida.

More pictures soon!

Checking out the new field

Checking out the new field