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NAE Grand Challenges K-12 Partners Program


Check out the National Academy of Engineering’s  Grand Challenges K-12 Partners Program:

The Grand Challenge K-12 Partners Program will enlist colleges of engineering across the country to serve as community resources for K-12 students, teachers and administrators in their region. Partner colleges would develop age-appropriate engineering materials and curriculum, periodically host regional conferences, and provide ongoing support and professional development for teachers.

Learn more at http://www.grandchallengek12.org/

Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS) Competitions Open for Registration

JETS – Junior Engineering Technical Society – design challenges are now open for registration. From the website:

“JETS is a national non-profit educational organization dedicated to promoting engineering and technology careers to our nation’s young people. As a prominent force at the secondary school level, JETS engages students in various engineering education programs that are an essential part of fostering the engineering profession.

“In 2008 JETS adopted the recommendations of the National Academy of Engineering Changing the Conversation report by creating and implementing a new three-prong approach to career discovery in engineering — Explore, Assess, and Experience. Students in JETS programs are presented the opportunities to: understand how engineers make a difference in our world (Explore); see how their own talents and skills align to engineering majors and occupations (Assess); and participate in exciting real-world based competitions and activities (Experience).

Visit http://www.jets.org/index.cfm to learn more