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Check out TDT on NBC News Channel 8!


Click on picture above or here: Two area robotic teams in world competition.

NBC News piece scheduled to air Wednesday A.M., March 24

look-busy-for-the-cameraNBC News Channel 8 meteorologist Leigh Spann , who reported on TDT, advised us that her piece on the team is expected to air on Wednesday, March 24, in the  morning. ” It will typically run twice between 5am and 7am, ” she said, adding ,”  I hope you and the guys enjoy it!  I certainly had a great time meeting everyone, and I wish you much success in April.” 

Thanks, Ms. Spann!  We’ll keep you and all TDTs friends updated on our progress!

NBC News Channel 8 Visits

NBC News Channel 8 (WFLA)  meteorologist, Leigh Spann, contacted us earlier this week to ask about doing a story on Team Duct Tape.  We’re happy to oblige and will be running our robot for WFLA this morning.  We appreciate the opportunity to share FIRST with others!