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Game on for Hot Shots!


Watching the Kick Off video with FL teams at the Orange County Extension Service in Orlando

Team Duct Tape joined 11 other teams from around Florida, on Saturday, to watch the new season  FL FTC Live  Kick-off event that included an early look at the Hot Shot! game video, and an opportunity to examine the new playing field. Wow!!


FTC Affiliate Partner Michael Coleman explains IR beacon

FIRST president Paul Gudonis‘ comments in a press release accompanying the kick-off ( 13,000 High School Students Shoot for Gold in 2009 FIRST Hot Shot Tech Challenge)  that the The FIRST Tech Challenge is new and improved for the 2009 season and requires students to compete at professional levels with a kit of exciting technology including advanced sensors.


Team Duct Tape considers the possibilities

FIRST says, “Hotshot! was developed with the input of professional robotics designers, engineers, and sensor experts from across the country to provide a relevant engineering challenge. The use of sensors to track and target, manipulators to collect objects, and launching mechanisms to score those objects are all part of the challenge. Coupled with uneven playing surfaces and challenging goal locations, HotShot! emulates many things real-world robotics designers face.

“More than 13,000 high-school-aged young people are expected to participate in this year`s competition, in which robots will develop and execute both offensive and defensive strategies to score balls into a rotatable center goal and off-field goals in the last 30 seconds of a match. Using a combination of sensors including infrared tracking (IR), line following, ultrasonic, touch, and more, students will program their robots to operate in both autonomous and tele-operated modes. The HotShot! matches will last two minutes and thirty seconds, and will begin with a 30 second autonomous period followed by a two-minute tele-operated period. The final 30 seconds of the tele-operated period is the “end game” where additional outside goals become available and bonus balls come into play ensuring an exciting finish.


Hot Shot! playing field

That’s probably no understatement!  We visualize wiffle balls everywhere!  And almost endless design possibilities for an equally exciting build and programming process! We can’t wait to get started!

We’ve uploaded game documents from the FIRST website to our Library page, and teams and other interested Florida folks can keep up with season developments via the FL FIRST Tech Challenge forum , the FL FTC Facebook group , FL FTC on Twitter , and the FL FTC website , as well as right here on Team Duct Tape’s home on the web.

Team Duct Tapes Meets FIRST President Paul Gudonis

We get what we celebrate,” FIRST president Paul Gudonis said, quoting FIRST founder Dean Kamen, in his keynote speech at the 2009 NETA conference. And today, Team Duct had a chance to celebrate everything they love about FIRST as they represented FIRST Tech Challenge at the conference luncheon.

Team Duct Tape was honored to meet Mr. Paul Gudonis at the event, which offered an enjoyable opportunity to help inform Corporation for Public Broadcasting executives about the unparalleled success FIRST robotics has in helping students to succeed and excel in math, science and technology in a fun and enduring way, and to encourage a partnership with US FIRST.

Team members were able to share their experiences and expertise in programming. building and team work, and to express how their participation in FTC has inspired them to remain interested in engineering and technology.

Despite a balky bluetooth connection, they were able to complete some solid runs with their robot, explaining the Face Off! game to interested onlookers. In addition to Mr. Gudonis, team members enjoyed meeting Mr. Erik Halleus, Chairmen of High Tech Workforce Development for Florida FIRST Regional, and Ms. Awilda Lopez-Cepero, an association of Mr. Pete Grotsky’s, of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Mr. Paul Markun, of Tampa Technik, also joined us at the event.

Team Duct Tape shared the stage with FRC Team 79 and FLL RoboChicks ! and II teams, giving them all a chance to chat and share insights and friendship.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to represent FTC, and to demonstrate, at every opportunity, why we celebrate being part of FIRST.

Team Duct Tape to represent FTC at NETA Conference

FTC Team Duct Tape is honored to be joining FRC Team 79 Team Krunch, and FLL Teams 7649 and 1940, iRoboChicks and Radical RoboChicks, two all-girl teams sponsored by Girl Scout Troop 1315 , at the upcoming National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) conference on Jan. 14, at the Hyatt Regency in Tampa.

Billed as “The Meeting for Everyone in Public Television“, the NETA conference luncheon that day will feature Paul Gudonis, the president of FIRST , as the keynote speaker. Team Duct Tape is deeply honored to be representing the FIRST Tech Challenge program, and is looking forward to the opportunity to meet Mr. Gudonis at the event.

Team Duct Tape will be joined by mentors Paul Markun, of Tampa Technik, and Pete Grotsky, of the Florida West Coast Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers at the luncheon, to hear Mr. Gudonis speak. Afterwards, Team Duct Tape, Team Krunch and the two RoboChicks teams will be able to demonstrate their robots during an hour long Q&A for conference participants, and to answer questions about their experiences in FIRST.

This is a wonderful opportunity to help inform the national educational television community about FIRST and what an important and exciting program it is for youth of all ages, both from an academic perspective, with its strong emphasis on math, science and technology, and, with respect to the great experiences Team Duct Tape has had with mentors in the community and how connecting at the community level opens up so many opportunities for youth, and such great experiences for mentors.