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Many Thanks and Happy Holidays from Team Duct Tape!

TDT members enjoyed a recent visit to our long time friend and mentor, Paul Markun, of Tampa Technik. As always, the gift of his time and expertise was deeply valued, so we were humbled to receive a financial contribution from Mr. Markun on top of his expert guidance.  Tampa Technik is a remarkable facility and Mr. Markun is an incredible manufacturing engineer, who routinely creates new machines and products based on conceptual design ideas – as he told us, pretty much what TDT has to do each season when we get a new challenge.

We were also honored to receive a generous donation from McCormick-Stevenson Engineering and Design . McCormick-Stevenson has a long tradition of supporting FIRST in Florida, having mentored TDT and other teams in PTC Creo Elements, and volunteering at FIRST tournaments.

We’re deeply grateful for the support of both Tampa Technik and McCormick-Stevenson and will do our very best to represent our great sponsors graciously, professionally and successfully!  And many thanks, too, to all our great supporters throughout the year.  Your kindness, encouragement and guidance is deeply valued.

In gratitude and with every best wish for the holidays and always, from all of us at Team Duct Tape!

TDT Enjoys Dunedin Rotary Club Presentation

the-chrises-presentTDT enjoyed visiting the Dunedin Rotary Club yesterday, and telling members about FIRST and their FTC experiences.   The robot was pretty rough but our Chrises were in good form, and were able to talk about the Get Over It! challenge and their build design process.  They showed Rotary Club members some of their Pro/ENGINEER designs and talked about their team experiences.   Everyone seemed to enjoy hearing about FIRST and we took the opportunity to encourage Rotary members to share their timepresenting-at-rotary-club and expertise with students in their areas. 

It was a lot of fun and we hope to come back and visit with the Rotary Club again in the future!

Working Hard to “Get Over It!”

something-for-everyone With enough of a practice field to function as a testing ground for our first robot designs, TDT members got down to the business of building.  There was something for everyone to do, as Pro/ENGINEER designs took shape.  It was a great meeting, and we were delighted to find that lessons learned about more intentional design and construction paid off in stellar first run trials.

The drive train will need a little more work, but we’re confident

It works!

It works!

we’re on the right track, and next week’s meeting will focus on the next stage of design and development – a collection device!