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In the coming weeks, different Team Duct Tape members will be sharing their team experiences here on our website. This week, Ryder shares a bit about the team’s recent outreach at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC)


TDT members with Rockwell Collins representative at I/ITSEC

On Dec 7th three members of Team Duct Tape attended an outreach event at the I/ITSEC modeling, simulation, and training conference in Orlando FL. It is the world’s largest conference of it’s kind. The exhibitors included companies like Lockheed Martin, Rockwell Collins, Oculus VR, Fidelity Technologies, and hundred’s more.

For part of the time we worked in the FIRST booth talking to visitor about FIRST robotics and our team.

The rest of the time we got walk around and look at the other exhibits, try out some of the simulation’s, and have fun.

Jacob explaining the engineering notebook

Team members also got to meet with Rockwell Collins representatives and thank them in person for their generous donation at the start of the season.  All in all, it was a fun and successful outreach opportunity.


Thank You, Rockwell Collins!

Team Duct Tape is the grateful recipient of a Rockwell Collins FTC grant this season.

Rockwell Collins has a long history of partnership with FIRST® that  includes team and tournament sponsorships, teacher training and rewards, and Rockwell Collins employee and retiree involvement.  Rockwell Collins actively recognizes the value of forming positive relationships with students who will become the next generation of engineers and innovators, the driving force behind their efforts to   help build FIRST LEGO® League and FIRST Tech Challenge teams throughout the country.

In Florida, Rockwell Collins offered 20 rookie team grants and 20 veteran team grants for FTC teams in Florida.  We’re very grateful to have been selected to receive one of the veteran team grants, and will do our very best to represent Rockwell Collins and all our fine sponsors and supporters with  Gracious Professionalism and solid engineering!


Busy, Busy, Busy!

  From vlogging for the FTC YouTube Channel to prototyping and brainstorming, to learning and teaching at Middleton High School’s Build It Day last Saturday, TDT has hit the new season running!

Two weeks ago we made the acquaintance of a wonderful new mentor, Matt Griswold, an injection mold design engineer with MICRO , which we hope to tour sometime in the near future.  Last Saturday, we met up with our sister team, #5210, Mission imPossible to work on design ideas and programming. We enjoyed a very helpful presentation on using the Anderson Powerpole connectors . And when the PTC engineer scheduled to do the Creo workshop couldn’t make it, our own Chris W. stepped in with an impromptu session on CAD design using Creo.

And thanks to the wonderful generosity of Rockwell-Collins, every team that came to the Build It Day went home with a fantastic goody bag that included things only FIRST teams could love – a way cool, high quality crimping tool, Anderson Powerpole connectors and the latest edition of Pope John XXIII High School FTC team’s great book FTC Robotics:Tips, Tricks, Strategies and Secrets .

Thank you, Rockwell Collins, from Middleton HS Build It Day Teams!

You’d think it couldn’t get any better than that, but then we headed over to our meeting after Build It Day, which was already in progress with students who didn’t go to the Middleton event, and there was our robot taking shape, just waiting for powerpole connectors and a good crimping tool! 

Next stop, the 2011 Florida STEM Summit III, at MOSI in Tampa, tomorrow evening, where FIRST president Jon Dudas will be speaking. Can’t wait!