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Robots on the Move

Ever since one of our team members started tinkering with remotely driven robots via online chat (see Skypebot), we’ve been seeing “telepresence” robots everywhere.  The NY Times has a great story on telepresence robotics this weekend (The Boss is Robotic, and Rolling Up Behind You) . From the article:

For years, the military and law enforcement agencies have used specialized robots to disarm bombs and carry out other dangerous missions. This summer, such systems helped seal a BP well a mile below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. Now, with rapidly falling costs, the next frontiers are the office, the hospital and the home.  Mobile robots are now being used in hundreds of hospitals nationwide as the eyes, ears and voices of doctors who cannot be there in person. They are being rolled out in workplaces, allowing employees in disparate locales to communicate more easily and letting managers supervise employees from afar. And they are being tested as caregivers in assisted-living centers.

Read the full story at http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/05/science/05robots.html?_r=1&pagewanted=all 


coolTECH Podcast

steve-cooltech-interviewSteve Willingham, co-coach of TDT, was interviewed at coolTECH by Bernie Borges back in June.  He only had 90 seconds to explain what the Borges was looking at in our booth, and we think he did a great job!  The reporter was particularly interested in the Skypebot , which showed how team members don’t confine themselves to the scope of the competition, but extend their FIRST education to other concepts and ideas.

Great TRAK Visit

trak-welcomeTeam Duct Tape members enjoyed a terrific day at TRAK Microwave in Tampa, on Tuesday.  After sharing some background and information about FIRST and FTC, team members shared their Team Duct Tape knowledge and experiences with an impressive crowd of TRAK employees who turned out for a morning of robotics and lunch with Team Duct Tape and FLL  Brick Buddies.  The SkypeBot was on hand, too, and drew considerable interest.

After lunch, TDT and Brick Buddies enjoyed a great tour of the TRAK Microwave facility and learning all about the remarkable

TDT and Brick Buddies

TDT and Brick Buddies

 technology created and used by TRAK.  We hope to enjoy more  insights and expertise from  TRAK engineering mentors throughout the coming season.

Thank you, TRAK, for a great visit and for making us feel so welcome!


TDT with TRAK Microwave

TDT with TRAK Microwave