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TDT Web Pick: Cogito

Browsing for the latest FTC chatter, I came across this great resource: Cogito– lifted from “Cogito Ergo Sum” – “I think, therefore I am.” – the Latin translation of Rene Descartes famous reflection on life and living.  Cogito includes FIRST Tech Challenge on its calendar of upcoming events, but that’s just the tip of the knowledge-berg here.

From Cogito’s “About ” page:

You’re passionate about math and science. You already like to think about, talk about, and do math and science, but you also want to know what else is out there—and who else is out there. Or maybe you’re someone with a developing interest in math or science and trying to figure out what’s out there for you and who’s out there to share your ideas with.

Either way, Cogito is just the place for you. On Cogito, you can learn about amazing scientists your own age, what they’re doing and how they managed to do it. You can read news and features on topics ranging from global warming to bioethics to nanotechnology. You can explore the intersection of science and the arts, from computer animation to science fiction. You can find great resources including recommended web sites and webcasts, and searchable listings of summer and distance-education programs, internships, and academic competitions. And if you are a member, you can participate in online interviews with experts in various fields and in discussion forums with other members like you.

Inspired and funded by the John Templeton Foundation, Cogito is being developed through a collaborative effort by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth and eight partners—all highly renowned organizations that serve gifted youth. Other organizations that serve exceptional students, including the sponsors of major math and science competitions and educators that work with students in countries outside of the United States, can become Cogito affiliates and nominate students for membership.

Visit http://www.cogito.org/ to learn more and become a part of Cogito. And check back regularly for other TDT Web Picks!